Ìstex - Icelandic wool

Environmentally friendly natural product:

Istex was founded in 1991 and continued when the operation f.s.v. regards garnprouktionen from the old traditional uldvirksomhed Álafoss which had previously washed and spun wool since 1896th.

Istex is the only company in Iceland that collects wool from sheep farmers in an organized manner. Around the Island's collection and assessment stations, where the wool is carefully sorted by color and quality. The wool is then washed in Istex uldvaskeri using water from hot springs and thus low consumption of chemicals.
In yarn factory near Reykjavik is best used for the production of hand knitting yarn. Should the wool stained used only environmentally approved colors.
Icelandic sheep have been bred for over 1000 years without mixing with other races. During that time, the wool adapted to the Icelandic climate to give the sheep the best thermal insulation and protection. Apart from a stock of Grøndland, imported from Iceland, there is no getting around the world with the same wool quality, not produced better elsewhere.

The top coat, fine, soft, very elastisk- and with high insulation properties. With these properties is clothing made from Icelandic wool lighter, warmer clouds and moisture better than clothing made from other wool.

Icelandic sheep is every spring, when the snow has disappeared set to højfjelds and growing up in a totally uncontaminated landscape, and it is certain that the Icelandic sheep delivers some of the world's cleanest meat and wool products.


Only wash by hand. Use lukewarm water and mild soap or detergent. Add the model to soak for about 10 minutes - avoid scrubbing or twisting.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pak model in towels and squeeze as much water out as possible. Vortex possible. a few minutes in the air to get some of the excess water away. Place the model in the right shape on a dry towel.

If you want to iron model, do so gently from vragen with a damp cloth under the iron.